Cover Art: Create A Character Clinic – Holly Lisle: Writer

George R. Draney artworks

Dear fellow people of Humanity
Earth is our Home
To care for people and the Environs you live.
Is to care for the future of Man.
Do you need a law to care,?
Or can you on your own change part of your life to care for yourself and along the way
help one another in Peace cognitive togetherness for Earth .
Make a WIN button, Say You Care

From Texas
A Zebra Longwing Butterfly
Nature category
Paris France honor
Most butterflies last for just week.
The Zebra lives for a few month.
Reason- not only does the long wing take in nectar from a flower but it will feed on polline. Very unusual for butterflies
Many Butterflies are Endangered on Earth
Watch-Earth watch you

SEEDS to the ecosystem
Disburse in many ways
Wind, water,wildlife, etc.
For instance., the Bluejays is considered one of greatest
disbursed seeders of the NorthEast of the Hard Wood Forests in America.
They all need each other when it comes to the circle of life on Earth
To the total picture, every piece of the puzzle is needed for Earth’s existence. PERIOD

Eco into the Environment. Earth Day Everyday
TIRE into the stream of life.
Chemicals and Metals
Leading to groundwater contamination by dissolving the chemicals in the waste
And transporting these chemicals to other locations.
Death can come about fish,marine life,plant life and animals that have poisoned
By these chemicals water of our lives.
Step up to MAN lose of Oxygen in waters euthrofication
underground waters not drinkable.
To Recycle is to save Earth
To care no laws Needed
Just one TIRE